Alto100 Developer Kit

Alto100 Developer Kit


Estimated delivery - September 18’

Alto is an entirely new genre and platform for smooth omnidirectional locomotion in VR. Alto allows you an unprecedented experience of hovering around virtual worlds while diminishing/eliminating the side effects of motion sickness. Alto100 is our manufactured Developer Kit for a limited first adopter developer community. Join us to create the experiences that we will be releasing in the upcoming consumer version.

What you get:

  • The Alto dev kit board ready for use

  • AA battery operated Alto100 with cable or Bluetooth connection (for mobile devices) - batteries not included

  • USB Cable

  • SDK and plugins you will need to start making games and experiences on whatever platforms you want.

  • Online support and our own examples of games and experiences to help you get started.

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Estimated delivery: End of September 2018

We are working hard to finalize manufacturing and assembly of the Alto100 developer kit bodies.  We are estimating shipping and delivery to start by the end of September this year.