Our Vision

Visospace is creating tools to enable VR experiences that are engaging, useful and meaningful.

Our vision is to unlock the full potential of VR by increasing immersion and presence, enhancing the user’s experience through a deeper connection with the Virtual World.

We believe VR is the future of how we work, play and connect yet:

● Current methods of moving in VR feel un-natural and break immersion
● Using current controllers to move the ‘virtual self’ cause nausea (sim-sickness)
● We all want to reach out and feel the virtual world we see, but cannot

The full potential of VR cannot be unlocked until these pain points are solved


Our Products

At Visospace we have a plan to release a set of products that enable a more natural way of interaction.

 Alto Prototype

Alto Prototype


The Alto is your own ‘Hoverboard’ you can actually stand on to move you around virtual worlds, creating a strong sense of presence and engagement.
Essentially it is your own personal mover, virtually and physically present, seen through VR view. You can stand on Alto and lean into direction of travel and you will move in that direction in VR.

We are releasing the Alto in late 2018, so if you would like to know more about this or be put onto our early adopter mailing list please get in touch.


Hand Interface for VR

Imagine if you could reach in and grab the virtual world!  Our long term vision is to create a wearable robotic hand interface to feel and touch virtual objects naturally, as thought physically present.  Our team has deep experience and track record in creating wearable exoskeletons for other industries.  We will be leveraging our IP to bring engagement in VR into a new level. Watch this space!