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You want to experience a more immersive VR experience? With our VR board and equipment you can move around virtual worlds, creating a strong sense of presence and engagement. Enable a natural way of interaction.

Feel Touch Move

Unlocking the Full Potential of Virtual Reality

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  • Comfortable, engaging high-speed VR locomotion

  • Wired (USB) or Wireless (BLE)

  • Decreased motion sickness

  • Battery powered or plugged

  • Compatible with all headsets / engines – backwards compatible

  • Flat, light and robust

  • Affordable

  • 1 min on-boarding time to enjoy unlimited virtual world

FOR Location Based Entertainment, Arcades & B2B

  • Cutting-Edge VR for immersive experiences

  • Great for multiplayer and asymmetrical experiences

  • We can fully equip e-sport arenas

  • For VR Cinema and story-telling

  • Flat, light and robust

  • 1 min on-boarding time to enjoy unlimited virtual world

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We make the Virtual feel Real


Visospace is building the future of interfaces for spatial computing platforms, VR and AR, for a deeper experience.

Our first product, Alto, is an interaction platform that users stand on which feels like a ‘Hoverboard’ experience. The Alto will allow you to explore virtual worlds in an immersive and engaging way with a practical and compact form.

We have just released this product globally to developers through crowdfunding and are actively seeking partners and investment to develop our B2B location-based entertainment market solution.

Join us in shaping the way people will interact with computers!


Hundreds of happy users




Become a part of our journey.

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