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You want to experience a more immersive VR experience? With our VR board and equipment you can move around virtual worlds, creating a strong sense of presence and engagement. Enable a natural way of interaction.

Alto100 on indiegogo and beyond

We are limiting the release of our dev kit to just 100 units, affectionately named Alto100 to developers, early adopters and education and research institutions.  Join us to experience full smooth omnidirectional locomotion in VR on your own hoverboard!


We are proud to announce that the developer version of the Alto reached its target on Indiegogo.
The Alto100 is our campaign for a very limited first adopter developer community. Join us to create the experiences that we will be releasing in the upcoming consumer version. 

Alto is an entirely new genre and platform for smooth omnidirectional locomotion in VR. It allows you an unprecedented experience of hovering around virtual worlds without the side effects of motion sickness.

See the campaign here and the Alto100 Website here.

Oceanic Studios 

We are excited to announce that we are working with Oceanic Studios a Melbourne based entertainment software and technology company focusing on creating experiences in VR. Together we will be looking at utilising the unique VR locomotion capabilities of the Alto.

We are always looking for more partners to create amazing VR experiences with, drop us an email if you'd like to know more  


The team had the opportunity to exhibit at StartCon in 2017, Australia's  largest startup and growth conference.
While showcasing the features of the Alto, we were also able to run some initial user testing on our prototype. It was a great experience for us, as we obtained some positive feedback on the Alto which we've have captured in the video below.